Danish Design

Established in 1988 and inspired in design by Scandinavian simplicity. A popular European brand that offers a wide range of Ladies and Gents quarts movement watches on Leather straps and Bracelets. Stainless, Titanium cased with unique clean, modern designs.


Established in 1946 and keeping up with modern times with quality quartz movements and even Solar – 120 day Power Reserve models these beautiful everyday watches come in a wide range. Gents and Ladies on bracelet and straps from the Traditional to the Retro. We give a full service to all the models in replacement straps to extra links for the bracelet models if required.


Established in 1966 giving us our basic range of quartz movement watches. Offering a wide range of everyday designs at a reasonable cost. Ladies and Gents models that are on straps and bracelets and a full service on batteries and replacement bracelets and extra links if required.

We are agents for all three of the brands that you find on this page. Priding ourselves on giving good
service, if there is a particular model/style of watch that you would like to view we can order it into the
shop for you to try on. Knowing that the watch suits you in size and style is important before you
consider buying.

We give a full service in shortening the bracelets and replacing watch batteries along with supplying the
branded straps. We have not put a full gallery of the watches on the website due to the extensive range on
all the brands.

Feel free to look on the branded sites and we can order in for you to view in the shop.

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